Edit Sales

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When editing a sale there are some restrictions that you must be aware before making any changes

  • All the sale's data will be setted on fixed price to avoid any errors caused by new prices configurations
  • Because all the prices are setted to fixed the final total IS NOT going to be automatically calculated
  • The user with permission to edit sales ALSO has to have permission to sale at Fixed Price
  • If the original sale was created using the Pending Payments option (creating a debt) and after editing that option is unchecked, all related payments to that sale's debt will be deleted.
  • If the original sale was not created with Pending Payment option and after editing that option has been check, the payment will be deleted and a new debt will be created for the sale.
  • If you keep the prices setted on Fixed all information about discount/surcharges will be discarded
  • To edit a sale from a specific store you must switch to that store to be able to edit it

We encourage you to use the demo account to better understand how this option works before making any changes in your own sales

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Translations: es