Keeps track of your stores

Keeps track of your stores

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Keeps track of your stores

Keeps track of your stores

  •  Add your sales and purchases
  •  Control your expenses and debts
  •  Manage all your stores from one place
  •  From any device at any time
  • more...


 ¿ What it's ? is a web application that allows you to control inventory, purchases, stock and debts of your stores from your PC, Tablet or Mobile devices

¿ Who can use it ?

¿ Who can use it ? is great for small stores that need a simple solution for efficiently control their business. You can use it for: Hardware stores, Restaurants, Bars, Electronic Stores, Shoe Stores, Libraries, Toy Stores, and any other kind of store that needs a quick solution

¿ What can I do with it ?

  • Manage your stores
  • Add sales and purchases
  • Create user with customized access
  • Control your stores through reports
  • Create price lists and special prices for your clients
  • And more!

¿ Why use it ?

Easy to use

  • You don't need to download or install anything
  • Intuitive, user-friendly and fast
  • You can use a barcode scanner

Always available

  • You only need to be connected to internet
  • You can use it on your PC, Tablet or Mobile


  • Use what you need the way you need it has a Standard version that you can use from our cloud without installing anything



u$s 3.99/month

Small Stores
90 days free trial
1 Company
Unlimited Stores
Unlimited users
Unlimited products